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Prestigious Customer Support Award Goes To Leading Inmate Communications Provider

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You can maximize the amount of money that you spend on jail calls through a secure Securus Technologies account. Securus is known for their mandated regulation and monitoring policies alongside the Public Utility Commission. There are thousands of reasons to switch to Securus and their high level of customer support is the top reason for…

Securus Technologies as the organization that deals with crime in correctional facilities

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In some years now, technology has become part and parcel of our lives. Be it with millennials or the earlier generations; both have taken an interest in technology. Having mentioned that, in our societies, we have diverse people, that is, the legal people and those who break the law. For the lawbreakers, there are specific…

Securus Technologies Helpful at Locating Prison Contraband

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One of the ways that me and my fellow corrections officers keep our prison safe is by working tirelessly to remove any contraband from the possession of the inmates. These inmates have nothing but time on their hands, and they can quickly spot a weakness in the prison that they exploit to their advantage. Once…

Securus Proves to Be a Success

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Securus, the technology company that is dedicated in providing some of the most advanced communications technologies to prison has announced that it has shipped beyond 84,000 intelligent inmate devices. This goes beyond the 80,000 regular telephones that they have installed over 28 years. Thanks to the cutting edge state of the art technology, inmates can…


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