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TOWN Residential Brings a High Level of Service to the New York Luxury Market

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Few cities are associated with real estate in people’s imagination the way that New York City is. New York City is among the most complex and competitive real estate markets in the world. Buying or rent property in the city is no easy task, as a high level of expertise is necessary to navigate this…

A Note of Devco’s Development Achievements

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Since the financial recession in 2007-2008 business has not been at its best. Many institutions have collapsed while others have been acquired by banks and other institutions. It was unfortunate that the Heldrich hotel opened its doors at that particular point in time. However it is still operational despite the current financial times on….

iFunding Founder Recognized For Being A seasonal Real Estate Investor

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Skelley adopted the concept of crowdfunding in real estate investment early enough to begin receiving recognitions. The concept he founded in 2011 has earned him an invitation to the dinner of “The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders” a platform organized by “The Stoler Report.” The platform is an invite only, and those who attend…


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