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The Real Real offers the best of both worlds – online and in-store shopping

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An article from Digital Mode gives credit to the ways that shopping brand The Real Real has marketed its products through both their online presence and physical stores. The real real is a brand that resells fashion items such as watches and jewelry to consumers at fair prices. The CEO of the company is Julie…

JD.Com Partners With Michelin China

Posted by in Business Leadership, Online Marketing is the leading supplier of authentic consumer goods to over 300 million customers around the world. The e-commerce retailer has been vending quality clothing, electrical home appliances, foodstuff, and beauty products supplied by reputable manufacturers since 2003. In recent years, Jingdong launched the “Boundaryless Retail Strategy,” an initiative that would give Chinese consumers the…

Making SEM Easier Can Be Done With White Shark Media

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Using Google AdWords or Bing Ads are only a couple ways to get your business name out there beyond other means like SEO and social media marketing, but they can still be highly effective and important to use. You might wonder why pay for PPC ads or other SEM engines when you have organic SEO?…


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