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MAGFAST Offers New Lineup for True Wireless Charging Capabilities

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  MAGFAST Offers New Charging Solution and Products MAGFAST Chargers have been developed by Oxford University-graduate Seymour Segnit. As the CEO and founder of MAGFAST, he sought to change the world of wireless device charging by taking advantage of the magnetic technology that improves upon the current form of wired charging. His newest product, “MAGFAST…

MAGFAST Brings You the Convenience of Wireless Charging

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  Thanks to Seymour Segnit and his MAGFAST company, the convenience of wireless charging may finally have arrived. This is a goal that countless firms have spent millions of dollars on bringing to reality. Now it seems as though the goal has finally been met and millions of people are ready to enjoy the results….

MAGFAST Promises To Be The Best

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Relying on crowdfunding the MAGFAST start-up campaign’s goal was to raise 300,000 dollars. That objective was achieved in a little over 14 minutes.   The MAGFAST Difference Unlike traditional chargers which are usually for a specific device MAGFAST Chargers offer a variety of ways to connect the charger and device eliminating the need for multiple…

Seymour Segnit Delivers a Hit with MAGFAST Chargers

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Charging cables represent little inventions that delivery tremendous benefits. By charging smartphone and tablet batteries, the cables ensure the device have enough power to operate. Cables do come with some negatives, unfortunately. Tangles neither look nice nor do they contribute to a cable’s lifespan. Seymour Segnit knows people feel frustrations about their charging cables. So,…


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