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Law Firms and Legal Services in Brazil

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Getting legal services and help in Brazil should not be an uphill task with so many law firms under qualified and experienced legal teams. Amongst the senior and distinguished lawyers is Dr. Leonidas Oliveira a managing partner of Oliveira Lawyers group. Oliveira Lawyers is Headquartered in Sao Paulo although several branches are located in major…

Karl Heideck: An Experienced Complex Litigator

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Becoming a lawyer, especially a highly trained litigator, is no simple task. Not only does a litigator require a bachelor’s degree, but also a law degree, which takes an additional three years of specialized legal classes. Even after obtaining a law degree, the potential lawyer must pass the state bar exam, a test with extremely…

Tenets Of A Successful Law Career

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Law is recognized to be one of the most difficult or challenging career to do all over the world. Sam Tabar is one person in the attorney and capital strategist. Sam who is also known well known for his extensive and impressive curriculum vitae and resume.Tabar went to Oxford University for his degree and later…


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