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Isabel Dos Santos In Revolutionizing Mobile Technology

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Modern technology touches all aspects of life in this current generation. With easier access and more powerful and innovative devices, developments that are difficult to achieve in the past can now be achieved through improved technology. Industries such as communication and education have been improved throughout the world in recent years. Isabel Dos Santos knows…

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: Frontera Fund Visionaries

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Human rights can be anything from the ability for people to make things better for their own opportunities and the ability to make things better for people to try and get all of the rights that they are able to have in different countries. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase Because of the way that…

Thor Halvorssen and the Passion for Human Rights

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One thing that is being brought to light is the fact that there are some countries that are behind in their treatment in people. Fortunately, there are activists that are working in order to bring forth a much greater and more humane country for people who are living in these underdeveloped regions. Among the activists…

The Impact of Globalization On Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation

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Globalization is a term that economists like to throw around. They get on all the television news networks to espouse the benefits of trade deals. These trade deals allow countries to import and sell goods here in the United States without paying an import tax, otherwise known as a tariff. In the end, this allows…

Thor Halvorssen Speaks About The Election On FOX

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The 2016 election cycle has been intense. People have been repelled by every candidate. Every day, another surprise emerges. Men such as Thor Halvorssen provide a unique perspective on the contemporary election, particularly the democratic underdog, Bernie Sanders. Mr. Halvorssen believes that socialism is a deplorable economic policy. He outlined his position on socialism and…

Thor Halvorssen Explains His Views on Socialism

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In a recent interview with Fox News regarding issues central to the upcoming 2016 U.S. presidential election, Thor Halvorssen discusses his take on democratic socialism. In particular, Halvorssen explains why we should take pause with some of the policies being suggested by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, especially in light of real world experience with the…

Angola, Nicki Minaj, and Human Rights

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While we all know the name Nicki Minaj – whether from a friend who listens to her music or because we listen ourselves – the name Thor Halvorssen is not as well known. Many equate the name Thor with the Marvel comics or the god of thunder from Norse mythology. However, Thor Halvorssen is the…


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