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Top Reasons To Choose Talk Fusion And Bob Reina

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What types of tools will make your business successful? It takes more than just the tools, but having the right ingredients for a successful business will often help set you and your company up for a successful venture. Tools like high quality video communication platforms that your group can access when they need to talk…

Chicago Businessman Is Passionate About Helping Nepal Earthquake Victims

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The devastation in Nepal from the April 2015 earthquake, and the subsequent earthquake in May, is not going away. The country has been brought to its knees by this natural event, and it will take years to rebuild. Some areas and structures will never be rebuilt. People around the world have donated to several funds…

Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere Carries Fashion Into Bright Fluorescent Age

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Cutting-edge Makeup Artist Founder & CEO Doe Deere offers a great line of cosmetics for the avant-garde. Her line of Lime Crime Cosmetics allows all women to express themselves using the full array of tints, hues and colors. Learn why entrepreneur Doe Deere is leading the beauty industry into a bright future. Fashion Grows By…

Success at Citadel with Kenneth Griffin

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Ken Griffin on turtletrader was schooled at Harvard University. In his early days, at the institution, an article in Forbes Magazine impressed upon him the need to invest. It was while a second year student that he started a hedge fund with the help of his family. Friends and family were able to raise an…

Kenneth Griffin and His Contribution to Citadel

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Kenneth Griffin is a hedge fund manager based in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Mr. Ken Griffin is the Founder and CEO of Citadel. Citadel is among the largest alternative investment management firms globally, with an estimated $25 billion in investments as of March 2015. Mr. Griffin was born in 1968 in Florida. Mr Griffin started investing…

About James Dondero

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I am James Dondero,  52 years old, and I am the president and co-founder of an acquisition company known as Highland Capital Management (HCM). I am also the Convener of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer of this great Acquisition Company. The dream of starting Highland Capital became a reality in 1993 when the…

Brad Reifler Starts a Program to Help the Middle Class Investors

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Just recently, the Forefront Capital announced its latest initiative, the Forefront Income Trust. The Forefront Income Trust is quite different from the other investment programs; it actually caters to the non-accredited investors. The founder and the CEO of the Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler, has only been focusing his efforts on the accredited investor, which actually…

The Achievements of Susan McGalla The Great

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Born in January 1, 1961 East Liverpool, Ohio in United States, Susan grew up with her two brothers and her local football coach father who never let her slack off and encouraged her, together with her mother, to work hard and present her great ideas, which in turn boosted her confidence that finally became instrumental…

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