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Eric Lefkofsky Looks Forward To Utilizing Big Data Analytics to Revolutionize Cancer Medicine through Tempus

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Cancer is among the diseases that have proven to be dynamic. Medical practitioners are also unable to gain a better understanding of the disease, and these are among the main reasons why they are unable to formulate suitable forms of therapy. Individuals such as Eric Lefkofsky are striving to ensure that they can revolutionize the…

Eric Lefkofsky- An Executive at Tempus

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Eric Lefkofsky has gained popularity over the years for being the co-founder of Tempus. The organization is more of a data startup that is meant to fight cancer. Recently, Lefkofsky announced that he had successfully raised $110 million for Tempus. The funds will allow Tempus to continue gathering and analyzing data that is meant to…

Oncotarget: Looking for Ways on how to Exterminate Cancer Cells

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Oncotarget is a well-known online medical journal that is gaining more popularity today. It is considered as one of the most reliable sources for scholarly articles about oncology, and according to the editor in chief Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov, they are planning an expansion of the company. When they talk about development, they are…


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