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Ashley Lightspeed and Pressing Forward In Every Situation

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Ashley Lightspeed knows that we all have things that help us relieve stress whether it be exercise,spending time with family and friends or drawing. We need something in our daily lives that allows us to have de-stress after a long day. This helps us to achieve balance in our lives and can potentially keep us…

DonataMeirelles Supports American Foundation for AIDS Research

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DonataMeirelles is a respected public figure in the world’s fashion sector and a philanthropist who supports essential causes. At present, the fashion reference supports the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmfAR). Founded in 1987, AmfAR has been on the frontline of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. It has an in-house team of researchers working to…

Ashley Lightspeed, Grooming Startups For Venture Partnerships

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Ashley Lightspeed is a venture partner for a company that supports the international growth of IPOs through CIO forums. CIO forums are a way of gathering talented people together to initiate technology streams, in order to generate venture funding. Thus, matching investors with a need in technology, which the ‘identified’ startup can fulfill. Ashley grew…

Susan McGalla – Executive Women for the Future

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Women are finding themselves in the top echelon of more companies every year. With statistics indicating that businesses that have high-position women perform 15% higher, companies who embrace diversity and welcome capable and strong women in leadership roles are finding their bottom line improving. One such company was American Eagle Outfitters under the leadership of…


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