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Scott Rocklage the Venture Capitalist in Healthcare Management

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Healthcare system is one of the most important systems in any successful economy. Thanks to the contributions of healthcare practitioners and managers such as Scott Rocklage, we are guaranteed of enjoying quality health care services for longer. Probably if you are hearing Scott Rocklage for the first time, it is best for you to familiarize…

Bob Reina Changing Lives One Step at Time

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With great power and success, comes great responsibility. This is a philosophy that Bob Reina and his Talk Fusion team live by. He has dedicated his time to helping people achieve their dreams.     The desire to give back to the community and help the people attain their dreams is the foundation of the…

The Milestones of Mike Baur

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Mike Baur is both an entrepreneur and businessman. He is the managing partner and also the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike has been working in the banking industry for more than twenty years. He formerly worked for Clariden Leu and UBS. Mike later started investing in startup firms. Mike co-founded the Swiss Startup…

Construcap Growth in the Future

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When it comes to real estate, there are a lot of options for investing. A lot of people today are excited about the future growth that is coming in this industry in Brazil. Construcap is a company that is going to help take people to the next level. If you want to invest in real…

Mike Baur the Swiss Start-Up Factory CEO

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Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory which was launched in 2014. Mike has worked in the Switzerland banking for over 20 years, and he got a lot of experience. He is responsible for fundraising and funding of start-ups at the Swiss Start-Up factory. The Swiss Start-up Factory is…

Securus Technologies Dislikes Monopolies

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A new and up to date topic that I have found interesting to research is the topic of the communications industry that has been growing at an exponential rate over the past several years. One of the current leading companies in the communication technology industry is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that…

George Soros: A Man on A Mission

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It is a rare occurrence that a writer who claims to be an advocate for a specific change truly encompasses his passions in his work. Too often do articles arise in which the ideas of the piece are simply stated but not believed wholeheartedly. There is no true depth or purpose behind the words. Fortunately,…

Sanjay Shah starts Solo Capital, Then Autism Rocks

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Sanjay Shah didn’t start in the financial industry He started studying medicine, sooner than later, he decided it wasn’t for him. For work, he became an accountant, working for a long list of investment banks. When he was fired in 2009 during the financial crisis, he started Solo Capital. Solo Capital is a international financial…

Getting To Learn More From The White Shark Media

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One may wonder why business organizations prefer to work with White Shark Media especially the small-scale ones, or why would someone honestly prefer to work at this company? Well, much light can be shed on the benefits that might be realized in this case, if one is an employee or just a client to this…

Shaygan Kheradpir Becomes New Coriant CEO

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Coriant wants to get into the meat of the cell phone market by offering direct service to customers, but they had to hire a new CEO who was going to help them make the company into a retail giant. Coriant is already a very large company, but they need someone who knows how to make…

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