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Career Success Story of James Dondero

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James Dondero is a graduate of University of Virginia’s Mclntire, School of Commerce. He began training at J.P Morgan’s as an analyst in their training program. After training, Mr. Dondero was enrolled at American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst where his excellence in work made him promoted to a Portfolio Manager. In 1989, Mr….

JD.Com Partners With Michelin China

Posted by in Business Leadership, Online Marketing is the leading supplier of authentic consumer goods to over 300 million customers around the world. The e-commerce retailer has been vending quality clothing, electrical home appliances, foodstuff, and beauty products supplied by reputable manufacturers since 2003. In recent years, Jingdong launched the “Boundaryless Retail Strategy,” an initiative that would give Chinese consumers the…

Cassio Audi: Navigating Brazil’s Finance Industry one Day at a Time

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Cassio Audi has been in the Brazilian music industry for more than ten years. He was a member of the Viper Rock band since 1985 where he played the drum. The group was prominent for producing heavy metal in Latin America. From the moment he set foot in the music fraternity, the now CFO of…

JD Utilizes Technology For The Protection Of Children

Posted by in Business Leadership, Co-Founder, which is China’s biggest retailer, is utilizing its cutting edge innovation to bring expanded reality/virtual reality/augmented reality (AR) highlights to a child’s book that shows youngsters how to connect safely and securely with strangers. This new AR book is highly influenced by the famous German youngsters book “Ich geh doch nicht mit Jedem mit!”…

Thanks to Ted Bauman, protecting your assets is now easier than ever!

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People work their whole lives with a goal in mind. Some want to earn money so their future generations could live peacefully. Some earn money to live a happy life with their family. Some earn it so they can fulfill their desires. After all, you only get one life to live. One thing’s for sure:…

A Limelight On David McDonald- The Successful Business Executive

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David McDonald is a skilled business executive, admired by many young managers. He is celebrated for his administrative prowess that coxswained David McDonald OSI Group from a less famous national company to a giant multinational conglomerate serving millions of customers. But who is McDonald? We have scrutinized his educational, career, and personal background to help…

The Distinguished Life And Career Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

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The closing of an important business deal for Bradesco Bank by Luiz Carlos Trabuco has honored him as Entrepreneur of the Year. HSBC Bank was acquired for $5.2 billion after receiving approval from Lazaro Brandao, the Chairman of the Board. Bradesco has been behind Itau Unibanco as the top bank in Brazil but is now…

Ara Chackerian and the Power of Startups

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The healthcare industry is a sector of immense potential, proven by the various healthcare startups that look to capitalize with their innovations. The article is basically about the possible rewards earned by people like Ara Chackerian (who is a healthcare innovator), as well as the anxiety and roadblocks that come with it. It boils…

Roberto Santiago Achievements in Business

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Roberto Santiago can be described as one of the most influential individuals who is living in Brazil. This businessman is the founder and sole owner of the largest malls in the country. The businessman currently enjoys a lot of popularity in the world because of the steps he has made in the development of malls…

Randal Nardone Gives People a Chance at the Best Investments

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Since Randal Nardone knows how to help the Fortress Investment Group, he knows there are things he can do to help others. He also knows what will happen if people try to do things and they can’t make them work the right way. As long as he knows how people can benefit from different situations,…

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