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The Life Of Sudhir Choudhrie

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Sudhir Choudhrie is a very successful entrepreneur, businessman, and investor. He currently has over 35 years of experience in each of the following sectors. The 35 years of experience that Sudhir Choudhrie has is also in the following areas of aviation, hospitality, real estate, and healthcare. He is also a world leader and focuses on…

Iskandar Safa, Privinvest’s CEO, And His Leadership Of The Shipbuilding Company To Global Success

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  German Naval Yards Kiel owns and operates the three largest shipbuilding yards in all of Germany, located in Kiel, Lindenau, and Nobiskrug. Just as these three manufacturers were once independent and are now in the same organization, Privinvest has brought together seven individual shipbuilding companies and currently operates them under the same label. As…

Want To Step Up Your Entrepreneurial Game? Read This About Nitin Khanna!

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The internet epoch opens a flood gate of opportunities for ambitious startup entrepreneurs to bring genius ideas to life. The survival of these emerging ventures hinges on the institution of firm leadership. Some entrepreneurs have a natural affinity for the role, while others apply themselves to become extraordinary examples. MergerTech co-founder and IT industry innovator,…

Steve Lesnard Gives Advice On How To Market In Today’s Digital World

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There is no doubt that many changes had to be made once we began living in a digital world. One of these changes includes how we market our products to others. The same old reliable techniques no longer hold a powerful punch. Most marketing strategies today need to include digital outlets. These various outlets can…

Omeed Malik A Prestigious CEO

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Malik ultimately integrated years of relevant knowledge in creating his own enterprise, Farvahar Partners, following his entrepreneurial wish. Continuously ahead of altering market trends and the freshly blossoming trend of personal pre-IPO trading, Malik is effectively collecting the resources needed for its customers to rise. Malik stays heavily engaged in Farvahar Partners ‘ daily activities…

Nick Sarnicola Top Earners Profile in Visalus

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Visalus is an organization that has immensely given healthy lifestyle solutions to their members for over 10 years. The firm under its president Mr Blake Mallen and the Chief Executive Officer Nick Sarnicola has presented remarkable solutions through their leadership. Nick Sarnicola realized the overwhelming challenges faced by people through their journey to live a…

Isabel dos Santos, Schooling and Telecommunications

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Isabel dos Santos isn’t the type of lady to ever give up speedily or easily. She honestly isn’t the type of lady to ever give up at all. This world is one that needs to have females who encourage others to take prompt action. Isabel dos Santos without a doubt is a female who is…

Tj Maloney: Scouting for the Future of Lincolnshire Management

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Lincolnshire Management is a premier private equity firm in New York City. For the past 33 years, the firm has harnessed the power of diversifying their investments. Their approach creates value in investing in various industries and developing successful niches. They currently manage over $1.7 billion of private equity. While their headquarters are in New…

Steve Ritchie is the New Leader at Papa John’s

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Steve Ritchie has been charged with bringing pizza hut giant Papa John’s back to being the industry leader. Nobody knows the company better, as Ritchie has worked his way up the ladder at the company. After years of dominance, the company has reported previous quarters of negative earnings. Ritchie is looking to oversee the financial…

Nitin Khanna Formed The Oregon Based Company MergerTech Advisors

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Nitin Khanna was born in India and eventually moved to the United States when he was 17 years old to focus on his academics. Entrepreneurship was common in Nitin’s family, but his initial focus when joining Purdue University was engineering, and he spent several years studying to earn his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. While…

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