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The Skout App’s New Investor

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The new and improved Skout app has returned with better technology, a better chatting experience, as well as a better formatted location feature. The new and improved Skout app is attributed to the new acquirement of the company on behalf of MeetMe. MeetMe has recently acquired the Skout app in order to improve the technology,…

Securus Proves to Be a Success

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Securus, the technology company that is dedicated in providing some of the most advanced communications technologies to prison has announced that it has shipped beyond 84,000 intelligent inmate devices. This goes beyond the 80,000 regular telephones that they have installed over 28 years. Thanks to the cutting edge state of the art technology, inmates can…

The Right Apps For You

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Whether you love entertainment, love to do the entertaining or love to love, you will be able to find an app that works well with your lifestyle. There are many different apps that are available and can be found in the different stores. It is important to find an app that is good for you…


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