Carsten Thiel – Setting Marketing Pharmaceutical Standard

Who would have known that promoting through patient-first approach and nurturing can lead to innovative marketing breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical industry?

And yet, Carsten Thiel is an example for us all.

Thiel went through his higher education on organic chemistry and biochemistry with a Bachelor of Science degree and topped it all off with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. Thiel has a highly capable scientific mind right at the start of his career.

His discipline served to complement his efforts working at Hoffman La-Roche as a Communications and Product Manager. Hoffman was already a leading global biotechnology company that gave Carsten Thiel a place to grow his experience.

Thiel learned, grew and took on ever-greater roles affecting the field of biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy, customer service and marketing within the industry.

As the current President of Europe for EUSA Pharma, Carsten Thiel is an influential leader in the world of biotechnology, launching highly popular medical products like Strensiq, Vectibix and Neulasta.

But, what truly sets Carsten Thiel apart in his contribution to medicine, pharmaceutical and business are how integral patient-first policy is to him and by extension how important medical ethics guide his leadership role in the industry.

One of Thiel’s outstanding achievement was how he nurtured a new weight loss product Xenical into a billion Swiss franc sales in its first year, something that’s widely held as truly exceptional.

What made it truly unique and innovative was the way Thiel chose to work with providers and prescribers and understanding who the right customers were for Xenical. It was not a usual marketing route for promoting a product but it revealed the value of the patient-first ethical approach, caring for the product’s reputation and nurturing its growth through working closely with those who directly work with customers.

Carsten Thiel sets the industry standard in product nurturing patient-first marketing.

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