Carsten Thiel Always Sees the Whole Picture

Carsten Thiel, born in Berlin, has long been invested in bringing biotechnology solutions to the healthcare industry. He received his PhD in Molecular Biology at the famous Max Plank Institute and from there went on to leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry. What separates Carsten Thiel from so many in his profession is his commitment to providing patients with the whole picture of how they can best be served by the products he promotes. Carsten Thiel never puts business success ahead of ethics.

One of Carsten Thiel’s first forays into promoting a biochemical product was Xenical, a weight loss product. Instead of simply advertising the product in ways to increase sales quickly, Thiel had a long-term view of how people needed to understand how exercise and nutrition were vital to the process of weight loss. He wasn’t focused on making the most money quickly but rather on providing a product that would continue to sell because it wasn’t misunderstood.

Thiel’s ability to see things from his patient’s points of view is exhibited by his reaction to a young boy who was afraid of needles and therefore unwilling to accept the necessary treatment for condition. Thiel’s team brought in a young girl who went through the treatment in front of the young boy, and so he was reassured and able to accept the treatment.

As medical products continue to advance in technological ways, it is vital to not forget the human dimension involved in treatment. Carsten Thiel has always had the ability to see the whole picture of patient care and combine the benefits of pharmaceutical products with the understanding necessary for the best outcomes.


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