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Methodist University Cox School appoints James Dondero to its Executive Board. James Dondero is Cofounder and President of Highland Capital Management, a Dallas based asset management firm. Highlands Capital Management already supports endowments for the school such as Highlands Capital Management Tower Scholars and the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

According to Insider Monkey, James Dondero speaks highly of the relationship the business community and the school. The board is about one hundred members and they meet three times in a year. Most of the members are actually non-academics. He sits on other boards as well. These are the NexPoint residential Trust, Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, Jernigan Capital and MGM studios. Dondero is well-rounded man indeed. Who knows if he envisioned this moment himself so many years ago back 1993 with his partner and cofounder Mark Okada at the start of their business.

Highlands Capital Management does it all, just like the men who put it all together and let it grow past, present and future financial momentum. The organization handles credit strategies. These include hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations and long only funds.

They may also in tale separate accounts or distressed and special-situation private equity. They work with important and connected people. Their client list includes public pension plans, endowments, corporations and financial institutions.

The Cox School of Business has a history of being established in 1920 on the Southern Methodist University at Dallas, Texas. And in 1978 the school receives the name of its benefactor Edwin L Cox. At present date, the school has global academic centers and a worldwide network of alumni.

And with its new addition in the form of one cofounder and President Dondero as a board member, there is one more brick in the foundation of the Dallas business community.

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