Burying Negative Articles For Good

If you have an online business, or even if you just have an online presence in the form of a website, then you probably know how important your online reputation management is. Your online reputation can literally make or break your business. Just take a look at some of the statistics that have been compiled below.

Researchers have conducted surveys and studies where they found that if a user encountered just one negative article or comment on the web it drastically reduced that company’s business. Just one negative article was found to make it 22% less likely that customers would purchase a product or order a service. Two articles decreased the probability of ordering a product or service by up to 60%, while three negative articles in search results turned away almost 70% of business.

You can imagine what four or more negative articles would do to a company’s business. So what can you do if your company or business has negative feedback, articles or publicity? You can and should of course address and try to solve the issue. However the negative feedback or articles can still stick and appear on search results in search engines. So what do you about negative publicity or articles that refuse to go away even after you have addressed them?

The answer to the question above, is burying the negative articles. Burying negative content is pretty simple. It involves essentially creating new, positive content or neutral informative content about your company or service. Another element of burying bad coverage of your firm involves search engine optimization so that results for your company or service show the good first and not the bad which can turn away customers as described above.

What is an example of a firm that buries bad articles? The firm aptly named Bury Bad Articles is an online reputation and digital marketing firm that provides such a service. They offer a free quote, and their services are 100% guaranteed or you are given your money back. You can contact Bury Bad Articles through their website, and consult with them before starting out on a project.

  1. Carowine

    One thing you should understand is that Burying negative content is very, very simple. I have done it using some writing services and I think you do that too. Bad articles are easily buried.

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