Bruce Bent ll – Investor and Businessman

Bruce Bent II is an inventive and successful businessman who is highly recognized in the financial sector. He is consider a great entreprenuer and financial expert among his collegues. He has great inside views on investing, money market funds and cash-related solutions.

The invention of the money market fund was a revolutionary a few reasons. Thebusiness of selling and buying money has been a very saturated one over the course of many years. That used to be the way that people working with wholesale. After the invention of the Money reserve that industry became a lot more organized and had more rules and regulations which helped enhance the experience. It also removed some of the risks of ding such business as it used to have a lot more aspects that were viewed as unstable by the people involved in doing wholesale like that. The industry is currently worth trillions of dollars and most of the population of the United States of America is heavily invested in it. It keeps expanding and becoming more saturated every year.

Mr. Bruce Bent IIunderstands money market funds because his father was the founder of the very first money market fund.  Bent II attended Northeastern University where he recieved his Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. He then went into the fiancial industry with his father. He has carved his own path to success with his amazing financial techniques and skills.

Currently Bruce Bent II works at Double Rock Corporation where he holds the positions of Vice Chairman and President. Double Rock is a company that has innovative solutions and qualified plans that help banks, broker-dealers and various other financial aspects.

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