Brian Torchin Helps Keep the Healthcare Industry Staffed

Brian Torchin drew upon his years of medical experience when he founded HCRC Staffing. He has a BS in Exercise Science, a DC in Chiropractic, and seven years’ experience as Director of Medical Marketing for Practice Management Inc.

With HCRC, Brian Torchin created a company to serve the staffing needs of the healthcare industry. The company came into being in 2007, and he has served as its CEO since that time.

On his LinkedIn page, he describes the Narberth, PA-based as “the leading full-service staffing and consulting firm” for the industry. It provides for a wide range of staffing needs- from officer managers to medical doctors.

HCRC’s benefit to healthcare businesses is fairly clear. It can, within 72 hours, provide the right medical staff to meet their needs. These are qualified individuals that HCRC has worked to attract and retain. Learn more about Brian Torchin at

The benefit for the people who serve as the staff is also clear. The pay is fairly good, with pay ranging from just under $17 per hour for certain office staff to almost $130 per hour for an Emergency Medicine Physician. There is not the need to search out opportunities, since the firm has already taken care of that. Plus, there is some job stability since HCRC seeks to retain people.

On his LinkedIn profile, Brian Torchin has shared a number of articles he has written that offer business insights. These pieces reflect his own approach to how to handle employees. Some recent articles have included “The Top 15 Questions to Ask Candidates,” “The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Conducting Employee Background Checks,” “Written Employee Contracts: Pros and Cons,” “The 5 Things That Are Causing Employees to Burn Out,” “The 3 Biggest Challenges Business Leaders Face Managing Human Resources,” and “7 Reasons Why Employee Recognition Should Be on Your Radar.” Learn More:


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