Brad Reifler Starts a Program to Help the Middle Class Investors

Just recently, the Forefront Capital announced its latest initiative, the Forefront Income Trust. The Forefront Income Trust is quite different from the other investment programs; it actually caters to the non-accredited investors.
The founder and the CEO of the Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler, has only been focusing his efforts on the accredited investor, which actually makes approximately $200,000 per year.

Brad Reifler formed the Forefront Income Trust after a lot of extensive due diligence and after carefully analyzing issues. His main objective was to offer a viable investment chance to the people of the middle class. The funds from this program give the non-accredited investors an opportunity to invest at low affordable amount of $2,500. This amount can actually be added to or even withdrawn almost every quarter.

If the client already has 401K together with their savings, the Forefront Income Trust products will actually not be correlated in to the stock market, which will allow great room for higher risks and also potential growth. These kinds of investment structures however give a lot of diversification but they are designed to help in mitigating the risks involved.

The gap that is believed to exist between the rich and the middle class continues to grow bigger as the economic inequality spreads in the whole of America. Previously completely dominated by the small percentage, Forefront Income Trust program has given many investment chances to the people who are in middle class.
According to Brand Reifler, the company has very interesting nuance programs which are able to offer their clients liquidity, which is actually what they are looking for, and also their preferred 8 percent in return. The company will not accept to make any profits until the clients have earned their 8 percent.

Previously, Reifler had invested a lot in a 529 college savings program. The program was available to all the people, regardless of their status, whether poor or rich. However, Reifler’s daughters wanted to go for their university education, the fund had gone down by 40 percent and it was worth less than actually what he had started with. After losing the money, Reifer realized that he was actually not alone in the growing dilemma.

Twitter told that in the year 2005, the student debt in Brad Reifers country was approximately 400 million. However, currently it’s at over a trillion dollars. This unfortunate discovery would actually be followed by another great experience that managed to shift all of Reifler’s attention to the people in the middle class.

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