Bhanu Choudhrie Is A Strong Model To Base A Career From:

The long and prosperous career of Bhanu Choudhrie has involved facets such as strategic investment and philanthropy and he is widely acclaimed for his founding of C&C Alpha Group. His current responsibilities see him providing critical oversight into investments within a diverse portfolio from a wide number of industries. These areas of business include aviation, real estate, utilities, and the hospitality sector, among others. Since he kicked off C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie has been involved in both new businesses and ones that are already established but looking to reach new company goals. The successes that he has achieved professionally have provided Bhanu Choudhrie with the kind of financial security that has allowed him to pursue many other passions such as dedicated philanthropic efforts and the operation of his aviation academy known as the Alpha Aviation Academy.

After many years cultivating success in a number of different ventures, Bhanu Choudhrie finally launched C&C Alpha Group in 2001. He has provided the organization with expert leadership since beginning operations and this includes helping to develop the strong portfolio of investments that C&C Alpha Group has become known for throughout its existence. Many of the investments made by Bhanu Choudhrie and his team include ones that are in the world’s fastest-growing, emergent marketplaces. These markets include places such as the Philippines and India. During the time that he has headed up C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu has also been active on several other executive boards.

Investment has been a big part of the Choudhrie family for many years. As far back as Bhanu can remember, the family has been involved in the occupation. It seemed only natural to him to get involved with the field and he has pursued it with great passion throughout his professional life. The formation of C&C Alpha Group was an extension of this deep passion for the field of investment. He is truly continuing on his family’s tradition of entrepreneurship in doing the work that he currently engages in. The successes he achieves also allow for him to be able to give back to the world through philanthropy.

Bhanu Choudhrie: Aviation Expert and Entrepreneur


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