Betsy DeVos dedicates life to reforming America’s broken schools

Betsy DeVos has finally become a name that nearly everyone in the United States recognizes. After being appointed to the position of Secretary of Education under the Trump Administration, DeVos has finally gained national recognition and a national stage upon which to advocate for the one goal that has defined her life: the reform of America’s broken education system.


DeVos came from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and largely benefitted from the best that public education had to offer. She attended a local high school and was subsequently accepted to Calvin College, a Grand Rapids-based Christian college that often ranks among the top schools in the country. It was there that Betsy DeVos met her future husband, Dick DeVos. As her husband’s career took off and the couple joined the ranks of the superrich, Betsy DeVos became involved in local philanthropic causes. It was during some of her personal visits to local schools around her hometown of Grand Rapids that she first encountered the enormous, shocking challenges that public education in the United States faces, particularly in urban learning environments.


DeVos was astonished to see the conditions under which some students were being forced to learn. She visited classrooms where the heat didn’t work in the winter, and, as a result, students were forced to wear winter jackets in class. She saw schools were serious felonies were being committed on an almost daily basis and where the teachers themselves couldn’t even name the right decade in which the Civil War took place. And, worst of all, DeVos saw, firsthand, the classrooms and schools that produced some of the highest dropout rates and failures on standardized tests anywhere in the country. She knew that these kids were being failed on a monumental scale by the incompetent educational bureaucracy and sought to do something about it.


That was the beginning of a life spent dedicated to the improvement of education in this country. DeVos has been behind the creation of dozens of charter schools and has been one of the staunchest advocates for free market solutions to the nation’s education problems. She is a firm believer that when people are given the choice between real alternatives, the resulting competitive forces ensure that the end product will be something worth having. All too often, the government-enforced monopolies that public schools effectively enjoy cause a complacency to set in that, taken to its logical end, creates a public education system that neither educates nor shapes the leaders of the future.


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