Betsy DeVos and Nonexistent Fear

Betsy DeVos quite simply does not believe in insulting others. She thinks that negative comments are a total waste of time. She wouldn’t be incorrect. Although she doesn’t ever insult others, she devotes a lot of energy to building them up. She wants people to feel terrific about themselves regardless of their exact age groups. She wants them to feel like they’re capable regardless of their economic classes as well. DeVos isn’t someone who ever treats people like they’re worth nothing. She sees the value in all human beings out there, plain and simple. Dick DeVos sees the value inside of humans, too. They’re a couple of American parents who don’t ever brush others off. They think that brushing people off is something that literally doesn’t make any sense.


DeVos has many coworkers. President Donald J. Trump is a person who is one of her coworkers. He’s not a basic colleague. He’s a colleague who is candid as can be. He doesn’t let his feeling stay bottled up inside. This is fine by DeVos, too. She’s not intimidated by hearing the truth. Reality has never been something that has ever made DeVos feel uneasy. It’s something that she honestly embraces any time she can.


There are so many American citizens who know all about Betsy DeVos. They’re familiar with her charity efforts. They’re equally familiar with her philanthropy efforts. People who want to find out about her actions can always lern all sorts of things about the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is a group that never stops. It’s a widely known non-profit that has many devotees. It’s an organization that puts ample thought into cultural subjects. It’s one that puts ample thought into American families and how they operate. There are many families in the country that seem lost. There are many families in the nation that feel rather out of control. DeVos would like to reverse those woes forever.


Is DeVos a champion? There are so many people in America who would eagerly say that she is. She’s a person who seems superhuman to many others. She never seems to get exhausted. She never seems to say “no” to any daunting challenges. There aren’t many things that scare this gal. She doesn’t think that fear is anything that’s productive. That’s the reason that she consistently shuns it. Her husband isn’t someone who ever lets fear paralyze him, either. He looks at fear as being something that can actually aid his efforts. If he feels frightened, he pushes the emotion out of his mind. He doesn’t want to let fear consume who he is. His wife doesn’t let fear yield that kind of power, either. They’re a strong match.


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