Beneful Always Places Emphasis on Nutritional Benefits

Most dog owners know that they can expect different types of focus from different dog food companies. This is one of the reasons why Beneful has such a loyal userbase. it’s a company which has always focused on the nutritional benefits of healthy dog food. As such, people know that they can trust Beneful to always be on the cutting edge of canine nutrition.

This is also the reason why so many people are giving Beneful’s line of grain free dog food a try. They know that Beneful would only place such a heavy focus on a new recipe if there were good reason for it. In this particular case, the reason comes down to how dogs make use of their food. Canine nutrition is heavily based on the kinds of environments they originally came from. Canines have a natural inclination to prefer diets rich in protein, but with a healthy smattering of healthy vegetables. This is one of the big benefits of grain free dog food. It’s a closer approximation to dogs natural diet than other products which make use of grain. The main reason is that grain might be something that dogs naturally snacked on when available. But the main bulk of their diet was animal protein.

Beneful’s line of grain free dog foods makes use of this balance. There’s even specific variations on the recipe that can better meet a dog’s individual tastes. Just like humans, every dog has individual preferences for certain tastes. Some individual dogs, and people for that matter, favor chicken as a source of their protein. And Beneful meets that need by offering grain free dog food that focuses on chicken as the main base for the protein portion of the meal. Whatever the particulars of the recipe though, the end effect is always a healthier and happier dog and Beneful’s lacrosse camp.



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