Beal Properties: Chicago’s Attractive Apartments

Noted for its skyline, praised for its pizza, and home to noted universities, Chicago is an impressive city. It is a place that draws tens of millions of visitors to it each year, and more than 2.7 million people called this incredible city home in 2017.

Chicago boasts things to see and do throughout the year. For instance, it is home to dozens of museums. Among them are The Field Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago History Museum, Chicago Children’s Museum, Smart Museum of Art, Oriental Institute Museum, and American Writers Museum just to name a few.

The city is a food lovers dream with more than 8,000 restaurants- hundreds of which participate each year in the city’s Restaurant Week. It also boasts dozens of farmers markets offering up a range of seasonal produce, baked goods, flowers, and other treats.

The events calendar is packed throughout the year with a variety of activities that appeal to all ages and lifestyles. Kids’ activities, music festivals, food festivals, parades, and a host of other events keep residents busy.

For a well-maintained, conveniently located home within the city, Beal Properties has a selection of attractive apartments in a number of neighborhoods throughout Chicago. That includes the highly sought after neighborhoods of the North Shore area.

Beal Properties offers a range of units that can suit a variety of needs. Whether you need to be near your university or are looking to be close to shopping and dining options, Beal Properties has a place that can meet that need.


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