Banker and Meat Expert- Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is not a meat processing expert by profession, instead, he is a financier. In 1970 Sheldon acted as a consultant for Otto & Sons and before long he became a partner in the meat processing organization which was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky as a family business. In 1975 Mr. Lavin got fully involved in the business and he became a partner together with Otto sons. His involvement in the meat firm was of a great impact to the company because he helped Otto & Sons to expand their venture in other regions including; Southern America, Asia, Europe Northern America, as well as Europe. Later Otto & Sons changed their name to OSI Group.

For more than 43 years Sheldon has been working in the meat firm, and his hard work and commitment have given him an opportunity to climb the career ladder in the organization. He was appointed the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. During his tenure, OSI has expanded tremendously with them expanding their market to Taiwan, Spain, and South Africa among other regions. Sheldon has also been in the forefront of acquiring other food processing companies which include Tyson Food Plant, Flagship Europe as well as a Dutch food company Baho Food. OSI Group has not expanded their market under Sheldon, instead, they have also been recognized on several occasions. Some of the Awards include the Global Visionary Awards which is awarded to visionaries in all fields.

Another Award won by OSI Group was Globe of Honor Award an award presented to the firm by the British Safety Council. Sheldon Lavin is not a leader in OSI Group but he is also very active in the community activities. He is an active member and a Trustee of Ronald McDonald House of Charities, and also participates in other philanthropic activities among them; United Negra College Fund, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Inner City Foundation, and Boys and Girls Club of Chicago. Mr. Lavin is also a Board member of several organizations including; Rush University Medical Center among others. Sheldon is a banker and a financier professional. Sheldon is proud of the achievements OSI Group has achieved through him but he does do not take all the glory, he has been closely working with like-minded individuals as well as an ambitious team. He is dedicated to continuing making OSI Group a world-class food processing organization meeting and exceeding their client’s needs.



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