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Dr. Shafix Sachedina Aims To Help Those Suffering From Dementia

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina has always wanted to help people; it’s was drove him to enter the medical field in 1975 initially. He first graduated from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in London as a Dental Surgeon. Over the next few decades, the doctor honed his medical skills. However, the time eventually came when Dr….

Michael Nierenberg Profile

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Michael Nierenberg is the President and chairman of New Residential Investment Corporation. He is also the Managing Director at Fortress, overseeing various functions. Before assuming his current role at New Residential Investment Group, Michael Nierenberg was the Managing Director of Global Mortgages. He was responsible for trading activities and sales at the company. He increased…

How The Aspire is Changing New Brunswick New Jersey

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The Aspire in New Brunswick, New Jersey is a new development brought to life by Boraie Development. With more than 230 residential units, The Aspire is just steps away from the New Brunswick Train Station, and it provides around the clock doorman service for the lobby. This development will provide additional residential living for those…

Harry Harrison Never Has A Typical Day, But He Finds Ways To Make Money

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There is hardly anything ordinary about the way that Harry Harrison conducts business. He will be the first to tell you that there are a lot of interesting things about his days as they are structured now. He spends the great majority of his time at home working on projects and building out his business….

Vijay Eswaran Speaks About Business

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Classified by Forbés Asia’s set of Characters of Philanthropy and Lifetime Accomplishment Honor in RegionaI Philanthropy in 3rd Chinese language World Financial Forum. The Fóundations use local and worldwide NGOs and órganisations in community advancement and well-being, education for unique needs kids, ánd females empowerment. Business owner, philanthropist, World loudspeaker and writer of 6 books,…

OSI Group Is Committed To Bringing High Quality Food To The Fast Food Counter

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Looking back in history, the beginning of the 20th century brought many European immigrants to America to start a new life. One immigrant of German descent, Otto Kolschowsky, made a decision that would have an impact on many generations to come. In 1909, Otto opened a neighborhood meat shop two years after arriving in the…

Steve Ritchie’s Apology letter : An In-dept look

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Recently, the newly appointed CEO Steve Ritchie of Papa John’s Pizza sat down to pen a letter of apology to the public in regards to unfortunate words spoken by a former employee of the company. In the letter, Steve expresses a sense of disappointment for his company and adds that words in this instance will…

Betsy DeVos: the Education Reformer

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Many people don’t believe that Betsy DeVos has been in education reform for as long as she has. From her perspective, none of this is new territory. She has been working around the Republican Party and education in Michigan since the 1990s. However, many of the policies that she wanted to implement in Michigan were…

Marc Beer Renovia

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Marc Beer started a company called Renovia Inc. that is going to be bringing in new products very soon. The company is working to develop new therapeutic products to treat problems like urinary incontinence. This known to effect more than 250 million women worldwide. The first product that Renovia released was FDA approved back in… Announces New Partnership with Japanese Firm

Posted by in Business, CEO has established a very rare reputation in China. The company, which has set its offices in various cities in this country, has done its part so that all people in China have the best brands, despite the high competition. As the largest retailer based in China, this organization is one of its kind. This…

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