Attorney Dan Newlin Looks to Help as Many as Possible

Helping those in need has always been the aim of attorney Dan Newlin, who began his career as a law enforcement officer before moving on to become a firefighter. From the firehouse Newlin moved to law school where he completed his studies to become an attorney and make his focus the helping of others as a personal injury lawyer. Opening his own legal offices in Orlando, Florida allowed Newlin to continue along his path to assisting as many people as possible who were trapped in difficult situations or had been affected by the ill treatment or neglect of those who should have been helping them.

Almost two decades after starting his career as a public servant, Newlin is now looking for the best options to help as many people as possible by expanding his practice with a new office in his hometown of Chicago. In Orlando Dan Newlin has made a name for himself by helping others with more than $150 million worth of compensation claims being paid to his clients over the course of his career. A figure Newlin is hoping to match in Chicago when he looks to continue helping others by expanding the practice and his legal team to new areas of the US and dividing his time between Orlando and Chicago.

Dan Newlin is bringing a whole host of legal experience to his new clients in Chicago without sacrificing the help he provides for those in his existing practice of Orlando, Florida. Newlin is a household name in Orlando because of his work to assist the family of 15 year old Danielle Sampson in receiving a multi million dollar award for their loved one after she was accidentally shot as she was driven past the scene of a robbery.

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    Achieving a $100 million award for the family and making sure they felt justice had been served by the courts added to the reputation of Dan Newlin as a man fighting on behalf of his clients across the country. I have to admit that the essay service is something most people are vying for today.

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