Ashley Lightspeed, Grooming Startups For Venture Partnerships

Ashley Lightspeed is a venture partner for a company that supports the international growth of IPOs through CIO forums. CIO forums are a way of gathering talented people together to initiate technology streams, in order to generate venture funding. Thus, matching investors with a need in technology, which the ‘identified’ startup can fulfill. Ashley grew up emulating the professional skills of her architect father. By mimicking his focus and the way he did sketches, drawings and blueprints, she quickly latched onto another interest. It turned out that “prototyping” was more compatible with her skills set. She saw that prototyping could produce business funding for any startup. Ashley wanted to learn more about combining prototyping and business technology platforms. Because she envisioned a better creative partnership for both the investor and the startup. Learn more about Ashley at

She attended Duke University’s Study Abroad program, eventually ending up in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ashley Lightspeed worked feverishly to develop prototyping into a solid business application. And she was determined to build a career in “business prototyping.” After securing her undergraduate degree, she began working for Bain, as a Senior Associate Consultant, creating client stimulations. Ashley remained with the company for many years. Until, she felt that her true calling was in Silicon Valley. She then got a job as Category Manager for the Silicon Firm, Thumbtack. Thumbtack piqued her interest in the field of venture capital. So, she went back to school again; this time settling at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Later, Ashley accepted a position at Lightspeed and joined their Consumer Investing Division.

Now, Ashley Lightspeed uses prototyping as a business model, she also gets to help startups succeed. Beginning with, planning how they can tap strategies for a future “growth blueprint.” She spearheads development of startups; helping groom them to attract generous venture investors.

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