Ashley Lightspeed Brings Craftmanship and Inspiration to Lightspeed Ventures

Early Youth

When Ashley Lightspeed was a youth she had dreams of carrying on in a career following her father’ footsteps as an architect; she even had an office set up in the family’s garage where she would spend hours a day drawing and designing her building in imitation of her father. But as time flew and she matriculated thru the higher education’s realms at Duke University and Copenhagen she understood this about herself, was that she enjoyed prototyping business ideas over building designs. Afterward, Ashley turned her thoughts to business and landed a job at Bain, where she worked for a few years. After her years at Bain Ashely moved to Silicon Valley where she hoped to grow her skills at prototyping. Ashley landed a job at Thumbtack, where she worked in the Cateries department where she learned how to use prototyping in a way that helped consumers grow their businesses. View Ashley’s profile at Linkedin.

LightSpeed Ventures

In 2019 she caught the attention of the people at Lightspeed Ventures and was one of the new additions to the partners at Lightspeed. Ashley Lightspeed now works in the early-growth team where she helps to analyze the growth of companies and see the trends that offer significant growth for them. Daily Ashley Lightspeed draws on her previous experience both at Bain and Thumbtack, her business training at Stanford Business School and the many things she has learned from her partners at Lightspeed. Her addition to Lightspeed has been her ability to see the potential of businesses and draw out those trends with her powers of observation, especially her gift of prototyping growth trends for early growing businesses. Ashley believes that prototyping is a tool that can be used by entrepreneurs to further their opportunities and allow them to rise above failures and iterate growth and move forward with lightning speed.



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