Ashley Lightspeed and Pressing Forward In Every Situation

Ashley Lightspeed knows that we all have things that help us relieve stress whether it be exercise,spending time with family and friends or drawing. We need something in our daily lives that allows us to have de-stress after a long day. This helps us to achieve balance in our lives and can potentially keep us from developing mental disorders and physical ailments.

Ashley Lightspeed is one individual that is of the idea that being optimistic is better than being pessimistic. As someone who invests in today and looks for a brighter future Ashley Lightspeed must make certain to be active and pro-active. See full article at

We know that there are many different stories of where people have been able to turn negative things around and make them positive.

We also know that that it is also very easy to turn sour when things around us are not going up to par. That is why it is best to look for inspiration.

John Cronin tried his hand at turning something he loved into something that would allow him to make money and he was successful because John’s Crazy Socks is currently a multi-million dollar company.

The idea to start this company began for Cronin in 2016 during his last year of high school. Unlike most of his peers, the career options that piqued John’s interest were limited,so John decided that he would try to essentially make a job for himself. He did that by starting a business with his father,Mark Cronin.

The idea for socks came when they realized that there wasn’t really an option to purchase socks that were Down Syndrome related.

Down Syndrome is important because this is a disorder that John Cronin has. Time was not an issue for either John or Mark because they were both in search of a career.



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