Article Title: Susan McGalla: Being A Woman And A Leader

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Being a woman in the world of business is hard enough. Numerous advice is coming from all around, especially for women who want to make progress in their careers. So is it easy for a woman to build a successful career? No, but it is not impossible either. Susan McGalla is a good example.

When it comes to marketing and branding, Susan McGalla is considered to be an expert. The founder of P3 Executive Consulting, McGalla, is an expert consultant to clients in those fields, but also on the operational efficiencies, talent management, and much more.

Susan McGalla has spoken many times about her views on how to hold on in the serious business world as a woman. Since most women are looking for an authentic perspective, McGalla’s spokes were driving the attention of the public. Susan McGalla claims that evolution has occurred in the business world. Women are much more included and they are encouraged to take more responsibilities.

The Beginnings

Susan McGalla has graduated from Mount Union College before starting her career at the Joseph Horne Company. 1994 was the year when she begins to make clear her true ambitions while working for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. Thanks to her hard work and success, she excelled her career and made it a lifetime experience.

The American Eagle was predominantly a male company so McGalla’s ascending made a true change within the company. She was holding various management positions and finally become the chief merchandising officer and the president of American Eagle Outfitters.

The American Eagle Gave Her Wings To Fly

Up from that moment, Susan McGalla has taken her career into her own hands. She has become a consultant for the key people in financing business, giving them an insider’s perspective on retail.

She considers her career autonomy as a luxury provided by her years of hard work, and passion. Susan McGalla claims that her gender was not ever a true factor in her career success and ambition. She is also hoping that more women will take the same steps, have the courage and launch their careers as well as she did it once.

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