Louis Chenevert Views on Technology, Better Policies, and Productivity

Louis Chenevert is one of the most versatile corporate executives in the world. In his career — as an expert and a member of different advisory boards — he has assisted many companies in regaining control of their companies and more importantly in profit making. As an experienced pundit in corporate operations, he has huge interests in technology, better policies and more importantly — productivity.

Louis Chenevert is synonymous with his contributions to the world of technology. He understands that the world needs technology for two main purposes. First, he points out that the corporate world needs technology to reduce expenses. Chenevert is a firm believer in controlled expenditures in production. In his tenure — in different companies — he has assisted separate entities in adopting technology and finally getting back to profit-making paths. Second, he believes that technology is the solution for inefficiency. Working with United Technologies Corporation, for example, was instrumental for him in different ways. Through this entity, Louis Chenevert realized that it is possible for a corporate to be effective without overspending.

In addition to adopting the technology, he is also passionate about policies. Louis Chenevert understands that better strategies in the corporate world are the defining factor — for either growth or stagnation. To ensure that a company is in line with its blueprint, Chenevert advises corporate heads to master their market and more importantly, to invest in researches. As a member of different advisory teams, he understands the importance of information in policy formulation and implementation. While making policies, Chenevert points out that the goals must be realistic and consistent with the market. He also believes that a company’s blueprint should respect market realities.

Finally, he believes that the future of a company depends on how well the company handles its productivity. Louis Chenevert understands that productivity holds the key to a promising future. Productivity can make a company futuristic or an average entity. He advises companies to have a better approach to productivity, especially when hiring employees. He has been part of many management teams, and he points out that most companies still use old criteria in their employment procedures. He advises companies to have a liberal approach to hiring employees and more importantly — hire employees that are passionate and self-driven.


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