Ara Chackerian and the Power of Startups

The healthcare industry is a sector of immense potential, proven by the various healthcare startups that look to capitalize with their innovations. The article is basically about the possible rewards earned by people like Ara Chackerian (who is a healthcare innovator), as well as the anxiety and roadblocks that come with it. It boils down to money; venture capitalists look to turn a profit, banking on investments to grow in order to attract other people with money, which can lead to mergers, acquisitions, and hitting it big time with public trading. However, healthcare startups are likely to stumble when they first start out before becoming notable, and they also usually lose money, at first. It must be mentioned, though, that the healthcare startups in New York City raised $703 million for funding in 2017, which only shows the tantalizing potential innovators like Ara Chackerian sees in this vast sector. With funding of this magnitude, Chackerian’s realization of innovations in healthcare, with the like of artificial intelligence, digital imaging and robotics, are much closer to becoming an actuality of reality.


Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in his field, especially when it comes to investing in healthcare startups and technology. His efforts are focused mainly on the early stages of companies, when they’re most fragile and in need of direction. He’s helped build companies such as BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRx and TMS Health Solutions (and he also remains a board member for some of these companies). He is very active in the San Francisco bay area, which is where he’s based. Currently, he’s collaborating with a business partner to spread the word about a treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation, which may help patients suffering from treatment resistant depression. You can check out his Vimeo account.



In addition to being a savvy, well-seasoned investor, Chackerian is also a philanthropist, showing his passion for people and the environment through his investments. He’s involved with a sustainable reforestation Teak plantation in Nicaragua, which is very eco-friendly and creates jobs for residents of the local community. He’s also involved with nonprofits for youths like JUMA Ventures and Nor Luyce. You can visit their Facebook page.


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