Ara Chackerian a Visionary Leader and Pilanthropist

Ara Chackerian is a prominent San Francisco based angel investor and serial entrepreneur who has helped establish a series of startups in the healthcare sector. Chackerian currently serves as a Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, and he is the co-founder of TMS health solutions. Chackerian entrepreneurial focus has been on healthcare startups that aim at reinventing the US healthcare system. He has an excellent academic background in marketing and attended Florida State University for his undergraduate studies.

Ara Chackerian has more than twenty years worth of experience in entrepreneurship. In the two decades, Chackerian has helped establish several successful healthcare startups, and they include PipelineRx and BMC Diagnostics, among others. Besides, business Chackerian is a prominent philanthropist who is committed to the work of the charity and sustainable environmental programs. Chackerian, as a philanthropist, is committed to the plight of the youth. He has invested and partnered with several charitable organizations that seek to provide educational opportunities to the youth.

Ara Chackerian, as an environmentalist, takes every opportunity to advocate for the care and conservation of the environment. Chackerian, in one of his medium articles, says that reforestation is a global sustainability issue. The world today is faced by one of the biggest challenges of climate change as a result of global warming. Global warming from science is as a result of an increase in the amount of CO2 gas in the atmosphere. The increase of the CO2 is attributed to increased industrialization and the release of fossil fuels to the atmosphere.

Also, the increase in human population has led to increased deforestation that has reduced the absorption of CO2 gas by the trees. As a result of global warming, the frequency and intensity of natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, forest fires, and droughts have been on the rise. However, Ara Chackerian says that all is not lost if the world commits to sustainable programs such as reforestation. Planting of trees can help reduce the amount of CO2 gas in the atmosphere and help reduce global warming says Ara Chackerian.


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