Allied Wallet Online credit Processing Company

Allied wallet is a customized service company that deals with payment solutions to different businesses as well as consumers. Its payment processing services offered in a multiple of currencies all around the globe. Andy Khawaja who is the chief executive officer, based in London, founded Allied Wallet Company in 2002. The company provides to its consumers, businesses, and flexible, secure and affordable methods of processing solutions (Crunchbase).

Allied Wallet is among the leading companies in the global with billion dollars processed and millions of customers served, therefore making it the best in its operation field. The company offers comprehensive merchant services such as processing of credit cards, integration of business pro and compliances.

The company services are offered in a variety of processing products designed to enable the customers to attain their set goals. In addition to that, the firm also has several APIs that are used for businesses of different categories to facilitate e-commerce integration. The company is protected by data security that complies with guidelines of PCI as well as SHA encryptions of the firm that is committed to ensuring the operation of the company are secure from malicious individual.

On many occasions Allied has been among the best performers firms with is business aspects and commitment to its customers and businesses, culture, innovation, and the general growth both in its service delivery and size. The wired and Guardian are among the firms that have recognized the services of Allied Firm. Therefore, the recognition has created a significant impact on the services deliveries of the company and making’s efforts stand out. The company’s efforts have supported different organizations such as the Wounded, After school and many more.

In October 2018, Allied Wallet added alternative payment methods in the United Kingdom to enable the serve E-commerce in has therefore enhanced in the better ways of connecting businesses as well as their customers. The alternative payment options that the company made recently was a significant impact to the consumers since they have options of choosing their preferred methods of payment.

Overall, the firm’s alternative payment method to its consumers offers the consumers with options of shopping online by selecting their preferred that supports their banks for secure payment. The options there have seen an increase in the percentage of sales offered to consumers and increased opportunities for securely paying for their goods and services.

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