Alejandro Betancourt Lopez – Entrepreneur Sheds New Light On Sustainable Power and Banking for Developing Countries

In a world centered around technology, sustainable power is a vital necessity for societies to function successfully. For Venezuelan entrepreneur Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, the mission to increase sustainable energy, localized power production, and training resources across Latin America is his primary goal. The great-grandson of former Venezuelan president Hermógenes López, Alejandro studied economics and business administration in the United States at Suffolk University in Massachusetts. He recognized an increased need for more efficient power production to meet growing technological demands.

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez co-founded His company in 2007 to pursue thermoelectric energy advancements. Combining the latest innovation with cutting-edge technology, the company sheds new light into an industry formally settling for antiquated practices for Latin America’s energy production. In Venezuela and other Latin American countries, power production and supply had generally been outsourced to third-party contractors from other countries. The company’s goal was to enable its own region with the proper resources and training to sustain power production utilizing local organizations. It has built eleven simple-cycle thermoelectric power plants increasing Venezuela’s power grid by 1,386 megawatts.

His company has successfully expanded its endeavors into wind and solar projects as well. Theorganization’s CTT (Technological Turbine Center) workshop offers locally-based, less expensive training options for trainees. The training center is based in Guácara, Carabobo State, Venezuela. In the past, one would have to travel to Germany or the U.S. to attain these skills.

Partnering with higher education entities such as Simón Bolivar University, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has created comprehensive career advancement programs to train candidates entering the energy sector. The company strives toward green initiatives, researching climate change and environmental impacts of power production.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s entrepreneurial endeavors also include asset management on an international level. He founded the O’Hara Administration, and became involved in Hawkers, and Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation. As an investment firm, The O’Hara Administration builds banking alliances to enhance financial assets for developing nations. Additionally, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez holds a major stake in BDK (Banque du Dukar), a banking institution catering to Africa’s Sub-saharan region. The company provides both business and personal payment solutions as well as investment and savings options. Already BDK has secured various successful agreements, moving Africa’s Sub-saharan banking infrastructure forward in a positive direction. Learn More:


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