Adam Milstein: The Man Behind Hager Pacific

Adam Milstein is an Israel native who moved to the United States to pursue the American dream. Born to Eva and Hillel Milshtein, Adam has a very diverse background. His parents immigrated from Mexico and Argentina when they were young. His father served as a combat sailor in Israel’s independence war. When the war ended, Eva and Hillel got married and moved to Haifa.Soon, they had Adam and his two younger siblings. Adam spent much of his childhood in Kiryat Motzin. When he came of age, he served the Israeli Defense Forces.

Although his service was mandatory, he served proudly during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.After serving in the Israeli Army, he attended the Technion. He graduated Cum Laude and received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business and Economics. After leaving the Technion, he and his family moved to the United States. Along with his father, Adam began expanding his career experience into real estate. In 1983, he graduated from the University of Southern California. After graduation, he began working full-time as a real estate broker and investor.

When Adam first began working, his days were filled with meetings and business. Much of his time went into building up his company. Now that Hager Pacific is successful, Adam has found himself having more free time. Rather than waste time with personal hobbies, he now spends his days advocating for his many charities.Along with his wife, Gila, he has founded several pro-Jewish-American organizations. Many of his organizations provide assistance to other organizations with that share the same goals. The main focus of all of his organizations is elevating the Jewish community. He also wants to improve U.S. – Israel relations. Having spent so much time at fundraisers and community events, Adam has learned some very important elements to successfully campaign a social issue.The advice that Adam Milstein offers is to be active in the philanthropy, target the right audience and engage the audience on a regular basis, and form beneficial relationships with fellow organizations to acquire positive synergy.



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