Adam Milstein supports unity of Jews

The Jews have played a critical role in supporting the economy of the United States. They have also helped them a lot in fighting acts of terrorism in the Middle East. Both countries have been playing a critical role in stopping activities of radical groups in the Middle East which are trying to support terror activities. The partnership between the US and Israel has lasted for many years. Even as the UN mess up with the situation in the Middle East through some unrealistic and unfulfilled pledges, the United States has always supported and fulfilled its pledges to Israel. It is for such reason that the two countries have in the recent past done a lot in terms of cooperation.

Although everything seems to be nice, there is one issue that is worrying Adam Milstein, a Jewish businessman and philanthropist in the United States. The number of anti-Semitism cases that are being recorded in the United States has increased in the past few years. There seems to be a group of people who are dedicated to the mission of severing the relationship between these two countries. According to Adam Milstein, those who do not want to see these two countries cooperate are the agents of anti-Semitism. Knowing how crucial this partnership is for the two countries, they are trying to break it so that they can weaken the State of Israel.

Israel faces numerous challenges especially from the radical Islamist groups in the Middle East. These groups dream of eradicating all Jews from the region. They claim that the Jews are the cause of suffering in the region and that peace can only be found through the elimination of the Jewish state. Of course, this is not true coming from radical groups which have some outrageous beliefs and do not even believe in democracy.

Adam Milstein is leading the war against anti-Semitism by focusing on areas that need to be improved. Adam Milstein has concentrated on the unity of the Jews as one way of bringing to an end the anti-Semitism sentiments that are being propagated by radical groups. A strong Jewish community will be a threat to the activities of the groups.


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