Adam Goldenberg’s Plans of Expansion

Upon realizing how big a hit his company JustFab is, he is planning on opening 100 stores in the next few years among other forms of expansion. If there is one thing that could be said about Adam Goldenberg, it is that he knows how to start small and take small manageable steps to grow his business in a sustainable way. This is helpful when it comes to the fashion industry. He has worked with Don Ressler in founding Fabletics, which has turned out to be such a major hit among customers. It has become such a big hit that Don and Adam Goldenberg have decided to take their business into physical buildings.

The one advantage that physical locations on have with fashion retailers is that it allows people to try on the clothes that they are interested in so that they could find the size that they fits them best. They also get to look at the different types of clothes that are available for them up close and personal. That way, they could get a feel of the fabric and how it feels without having to pay for the product on This is one advantage that is very enjoyable. Another advantages is that customers don’t have to wait a while to receive their products.

Since the customers really like what Fabletics is offering, they are very interested in reaching more customers. While the internet has become a viable medium for shopping, there are people that still prefer the experience of visiting a physical location. In this case, Fabletics allows Adam and Don to reach those people and provide them with the amazing and unique products that could only be found at Fabletics. This is especially good for athletes that have taken an interest in fashion.

The business model and plans that Adam Goldenberg have set up has proven to be helpful for his business. He has been very effective when it comes to providing the customers with what they want. To top it off, Fabletics has been receiving good reviews and very few complaints from its customers when it comes to the experience with customer service and the products that the company is offering.


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