A Unique Business Insight With Carsten Thiel

Carsten Thiel is the President and former CEO of EUSA Pharma. The pharmaceutical company that Thiel has responsibility for was founded in March 2015. EUSA Pharma specializes in biopharmaceutical techniques that help with treating oncology and rare diseases. With the help of Thiel, the company is slowly, but surely growing into a global powerhouse with their advanced biotechnology. The company has caught the attention of many outlets, and Thiel has been in a position to do interviews with them. The most recent interview on gives readers some unique business tips from Thiel.

The first question that Carsten Thiel is asked by the interviewer is what his typical day looks like and how it is productive. The first thing that he does in the morning is share breakfast with his family. This is important to Thiel because family communication can be lost when you are trying to run a business. After his family time, he tries to prioritize his day to make sure he is doing everything that is productive to running a successful business. For this reason, he is productive when he visits his team and stakeholders on a face to face basis. This takes up about 20-25% of his time. He also takes time to check in with the rest of his staff to see how things are going with them and the business.

Throughout the interview, Carsten Thiel is asked more interesting questions. One of these questions is about something that nobody else seems to agree with him on. To him, something that seems to be lost throughout the health care and other forms of business is that it is important to find the human element in everything. Because this is no longer the standard in business, many people seem to be disconnected from them according to Thiel.

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