A typical day in the life of Gustavo Martinez

Everyone loves their careers and would do anything to ensure they get to the top. It becomes even better when that career involves things that you are passionate about. When you are constantly doing the things that you like most and making a living out of it, life becomes more fulfilling.

Such is the life of Gustavo Martinez, one of the most accomplished marketers and managers of modern times. He admits that he is a workaholic, and he sometimes wonders how he manages to spend too many hours working every day. Here is a typical working day in his life.

Morning before work

When Gustavo Martinez wakes up early in the morning, he makes sure that he has breakfast with his family. He says that this is an important part of his life because they are the people from whom he draws motivation.

When he is travelling, he will be preparing to leave, but when he is not traveling, he will check his mails, go through his to-do list, and ensure that he has everything that he needs for the day. He also does not fail to skim the day’s business news so that he is up to date with the happenings.

9 am to 7 pm

The period between 9 in the morning and 7 in the evening is the busiest of his day. This is when he engages his employees and assigns tasks. He also goes through the daily performance and meets business partners. He formulates strategies and solves disputes.

In addition to that, he checks o his clients to know is they are doing fine. Typically, he will be taking phone calls and sending mails. Marketing is what he does best and so, he has become accustomed to the busy schedule that runs during this time.

Entrepreneurial activities

Gustavo Martinez says that he has grown a soft spot for entrepreneurship lately and so, he spares a few hours every day to engage with his business partners. He talks to his customers and does everything that an entrepreneur should do.

Considering that he s in the later years of his career, he wants to make sure that his businesses thrive so that he will be attending to them once he stops consultancy. Because of this, he has been researching about the best ways to run businesses and has been creating the right platforms to engage with his customers.

For over 35 years, Gustavo Martinez has been actively working in the marketing industry. He reputed for running some of the most successful marketing campaigns.

He says that all his life, he has dedicated his time to marketing and advertising because they are the things that make him tick. He is now shifting to a new model of work that involves more of consultancy.

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