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Deciding on which college to go to can be quite a task. After all, college is directly connected with what you will be doing for the rest of your life. It is supposed to be the place where you go to for career skills and connections. Not going to the right college could result in less opportunities. On top of it, the college experience, in and of itself, can be quite stressful. The best thing is to learn about the experiences that people have at particular colleges before you apply to those college. Here is the experience of Sam Bear.

In the beginning of the day, Sam wakes up around 9 am. He lives in Commodore Dormitory, which is a dormitory built specifically for freshmen. It is conveniently located in Downtown San Francisco. There is a location where a shuttle bus stops for students. Students must show their IDs in order to get a free ride to any part of the campus. San Francisco is the best place for Academy of Art University because of many reasons. There are many old and new buildings mixed in with each other, which provides endless inspiration for art students. Street art is plentiful, and the weather is absolutely beautiful. After all, it is the West Coast, and the West Coast is known to have mild weather when compare to the East Coast.

Sam attends the School of Motion Pictures and Television. He goes to two different classes, and his schedule gives him enough time for study, collaboration and relaxation.

The school was founded in 1929 by the Stevens family. It has been the only privately owned art school in the United States. Ever since its opening, it has been dedicated to teaching younger generations important skills for the industry.

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