“A Glimpse Into The Life Of Clayton Hutson”

Successful businessman and rock musician, Clayton Hutson is a talented man with an extensive background. Clayton has Attended theater design class in Nashville receiving a Bachelor’s degree in audio engineering at the local University. From there he pursued his passion for the music industry. Working beside many famous musicians like Guns N’ Roses, Pink and Kid Rock. Which is quite impressive indeed.



Taking part in the 2005 “Bleed Like Me” tour, Clayton Hutson has been a busy world traveler. Paying visits to Australia, North America and Europe. Also in attendance at the “Honda Civic Tour” where he utilized his engineering skills to assist the band known as OneRepublic. Which was presented in Asia and North America. Earlier this year Hutson joined up with Ashley Nicolette Frangipane the popular American singer and songwriter of Halsey in Australia.



Aside from being a sound engineer, Hutson is also a band tour producer and stage manager as well. From the rigging on up to logistics management, Clayton is in charge of everything. In an insightful article posted on March 6, 2018 entitled “INDUSTRY INSIGHT WITH PRODUCTION MANAGER, CLAY HUTSON” provides the public an up close and personal look into his successful business life. Clayton Hutson explains how he is a devoted member of the music industry and works diligently to ensure the performance goes smoothly. Claiming to be a bit obsessive before and during the concert. Sticking beside the band members making sure all of their audio equipment is in tip top shape.



An interesting fact about Clayton Hutson is how he got his start as a musical sound designer for world renowned TV evangelist Billy Graham. However, after realizing his true calling in life, decided to become a tour manager with (Getagrip Touring). Giving him the opportunity to work with some very influential artists like Prince. When the touring company experienced financial issues, Hutson decided to try his hand as an owner of a production management company.



Making quite a name for himself in the music industry, taking an innovative approach towards getting things done. He’s been a prominent figure for numerous company endorsements for various products and services as well. Which is something he takes very seriously. Learn more:


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