Month: December 2019

Steve Ritchie Looks Forward to Leading Papa John to New Level of Growth as CEO

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When Steve Ritchie was first came to Papa John’s in 1996 he most probably was not presuming to be promoted to CEO very soon, if he was expecting to be CEO at all, but events do happen and as Steve Ritchie told those who were in the organization and who were present said that all…

TJ Maloney Continues To Have Much To Be Excited About At Lincolnshire Management

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TJ Maloney is an accomplished professional in the world of investing and private equity. He is the leader of the team of experts that operate out of New York’s Lincolnshire Management. TJ Maloney is the CEO and Chair of the firm. The business was established in 1986 and around seven years later, TJ Maloney came…

MAGFAST Offers New Lineup for True Wireless Charging Capabilities

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  MAGFAST Offers New Charging Solution and Products MAGFAST Chargers have been developed by Oxford University-graduate Seymour Segnit. As the CEO and founder of MAGFAST, he sought to change the world of wireless device charging by taking advantage of the magnetic technology that improves upon the current form of wired charging. His newest product, “MAGFAST…

Kynect: Owning A Business To Better Your Future

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  Everyone wants to improve their future. Nobody likes being stuck in the same rut they were in yesterday. One of the ways most people climb out of their impoverished environment is to own a business. Anyone who is savvy enough to use their skills to make their life better will succeed. There is a…

MAGFAST Brings You the Convenience of Wireless Charging

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  Thanks to Seymour Segnit and his MAGFAST company, the convenience of wireless charging may finally have arrived. This is a goal that countless firms have spent millions of dollars on bringing to reality. Now it seems as though the goal has finally been met and millions of people are ready to enjoy the results….

MAGFAST Promises To Be The Best

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Relying on crowdfunding the MAGFAST start-up campaign’s goal was to raise 300,000 dollars. That objective was achieved in a little over 14 minutes.   The MAGFAST Difference Unlike traditional chargers which are usually for a specific device MAGFAST Chargers offer a variety of ways to connect the charger and device eliminating the need for multiple…

Kynect Combines Power Utilities and Network marketing

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Rob Snyder founded Kynect company in 2005 in Dallas, Texas. Kynect is one of the first companies to combine network marketing of gas and electric energy services globally. Snyder wanted to bridge the large gap between selling energy utility and network marketing. Average people can become associates and sell the utility services globally to their…

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez – Entrepreneur Sheds New Light On Sustainable Power and Banking for Developing Countries

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La negociación es indispensable en los negocios. descubre las técnicas efectivas de negociación para emprendedores: #emprendedores #negociación — Alejandro Betancourt (@BetancAlejandro) August 3, 2019 In a world centered around technology, sustainable power is a vital necessity for societies to function successfully. For Venezuelan entrepreneur Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, the mission to increase sustainable energy,…

Sheldon Lavin, a global visionary leader

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Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer at the OSI Group, an American based private holding company dealing in meat processing while at the same time servicing the retail and food services industry. He has a dual undergraduate degree and a holder of Bachelor of Science in Business obtained from Roosevelt University in Chicago. A…


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