Month: July 2019

American Addiction Centers: Learn To Control It

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When it comes to drinking and driving, the AAC (American Addiction Centers) wants people to think long and hard about it. They need to realize it is not worth the risk, and they need to do the right thing in this situation. The right thing to do in this situation is to call a transportation…

Sergey Petrossov Contributions to Affordable Air Travel through JetSmarter

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Did you know that it is possible to book affordable jet flights without going through an agency? Thanks to Sergey Petrossov and his brilliant innovation, thousands of people today have the liberty to join flying communities, which have simplified air travel. The following are some of the reasons why Petrossov has successfully redefined this transportation…

Three strategies you need to know to maximize workforce performance and how Betterworks can help you implement them

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Betterworks is a performance management software that has been designed to help employees increase their performance by aiding them to keep track and manage their data conveniently. The management software also helps teams to be effective and efficient at their tasks due to the fact that they can easily set and measure goals. Companies within…

T.J Maloney’s Led Lincolnshire Management Hires Professional Staff

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Lincolnshire Management is an established company in the United States that specializes in investment and acquisition of private companies. The company is incorporated in New York where its head office is located. The company has another branch at Chicago and aims at serving its clients through the provision of expert tips on investment strategies. Lincolnshire…

How Neurocore is Revolutionizing the Treatment of ADHD

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Treating ADHD is one of the key areas topics in the world of mental health and more specifically, modern approaches to mental wellness. Neurocore — one of the most innovative entities in the mental wellness world — is the key contributor to this discourse. In the recent five years, the firm has not only given…

Talkspace Revolutionizes the World of Psychotherapy

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Back in 2012, Oren Frank was in dire need of therapy but he had difficulty finding and receiving the quality of care he was looking for that would alleviate the pain and confusion he felt in his mind. Mr. Frank realized back then that the mental healthcare system was so badly broken. Because of this,…

Flavio Maluf Celebrates 67 Years of Eucatex

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2019 happens to be the 67s anniversary of the Brazilian company called Eucatex. Eucatex is known as a very large producer of partitions, doors, MDF and MDO panels, floors, paints, wood fiber sheets, and varnishes. This company is headed by Flavio Maluf. This company was founded in 1951 in Sao Paulo and the corporate headquarters…

Gustavo Martinez Uses His Business Skills In The Creative Industy Of Marketing And Advertising

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Barcelona’s most talented marketing and advertising consultant is taking his innovative ideas to a whole new level. With an impressive 35 years under his belt, Gustavo Martinez takes a lot of pride in the work he does, calling himself a workaholic. This is not only an afterthought, Mr. Martinez puts in 10 to 12 hour…

The Leadership of Barbara Stokes

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Barbara Stokes has made quite an impact as a leader in the business world. Stokes and her team have showcased their skills while working in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry to GSH. Her success has made her a respected member of the business community. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.   Barbara Stokes is…

Ted Bauman Offers Sensible Financial Advice In “The Bauman Report”

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Economist and editor Ted Bauman has developed multiple ways of protecting financial assets. He reveals these strategies in his popular newsletter “The Bauman Letter”. He has spent his whole career helping others protect their resources. A graduate of the University of Cape Town, he studied economics and history, eventually earning postgraduate degrees in both of…


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