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Ashley Lightspeed and Pressing Forward In Every Situation

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Ashley Lightspeed knows that we all have things that help us relieve stress whether it be exercise,spending time with family and friends or drawing. We need something in our daily lives that allows us to have de-stress after a long day. This helps us to achieve balance in our lives and can potentially keep us…

DonataMeirelles Supports American Foundation for AIDS Research

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DonataMeirelles is a respected public figure in the world’s fashion sector and a philanthropist who supports essential causes. At present, the fashion reference supports the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmfAR). Founded in 1987, AmfAR has been on the frontline of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. It has an in-house team of researchers working to…

How Richard Liu Qiangdong Turned A Small Store Into China’s Largest Online Retailer

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Long-term success is often predicated by short-term failure. This is something that Richard Liu Qiangdong learned throughout his career. Despite being the founder of Jingdong, China’s largest online retailer, Richard Liu went through several stumbles in his early career. The first of these was a restaurant that he founded that only lasted a few short…

Carsten Thiel – Setting Marketing Pharmaceutical Standard

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Who would have known that promoting through patient-first approach and nurturing can lead to innovative marketing breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical industry? And yet, Carsten Thiel is an example for us all. Thiel went through his higher education on organic chemistry and biochemistry with a Bachelor of Science degree and topped it all off with a…

The Positive Track Record of Kisling, Nestico & Redick- A Law Firm in Ohio

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Established in 2005, Kisling, Nestico & Redick has been providing excellent personal law injury services to people of Ohio. The company boasts of having an arsenal trained attorneys with more than 100 years of combined experience. Kisling, Nestico & Redick is situated in 10 cities across the state of Ohio.  Since its founding, the organization has…

Jeremy Goldstein One of the Most Sought After Legal Practitioner and a Philanthropist

Posted by in New York

Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplished legal practitioner with decades of experience in matters executive compensation, Mergers & Acquisitions as well as corporate governance. Goldstein currently serves as a managing partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates, a New York-based boutique law firm that specializes in giving legal advice to CEOs, compensation committees, management teams as well…

Ted Bauman Shares Ways To Keep Your Money Safe

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In The Bauman Letter, Ted Bauman shares tips and techniques about money. He shares how to invest using conservative strategies. He also writes about how to protect your assets from global financial instability and recessions. This is a subscription email but, once in awhile, he shares his information with the public at large free of…

The Journey of OSI Food Solutions

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OSI Food Solutions has tremendously grown over the years. Currently, it is the largest supplier of nutritional products across the globe. The institution has numerous facilities in different states and over 20,00o employees in these facilities. OSI is a private institution that provides its food resources to food processing plants across the globe. It also…

Looking into Equities First Holdings HK Wikipedia

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Going over the deal with Equities First Holdings There are a wide number of loaning options for business owners to choose from. Many are legit businesses that will give out a good loan toward their clients and will help them through the process of paying it of, while others are a bit too shady to…

The Experience of Greg Blatt

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Introduction Greg Blatt, the former Chairman, and CEO of MatchGroup is from New York, New York. He began his college years in 1986 when he attended Colgate University. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature/ Letters, and Economics as well. Blatt finished in 1990. He then transitioned to the Columbia Law…

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