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Oncotarget: Looking for Ways on how to Exterminate Cancer Cells

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Oncotarget is a well-known online medical journal that is gaining more popularity today. It is considered as one of the most reliable sources for scholarly articles about oncology, and according to the editor in chief Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov, they are planning an expansion of the company. When they talk about development, they are…

Jason Hope Amazon Ebook Takes A Look At Internet of Things

Posted by in Internet Business, Technological Services

Jason Hope’s new ebook evaluates the way that the Internet of Things revolution influences different aspects of the way technology has evolved and continues to progressively improve. The Internet of Things improves the way that humans can interact with their technology. The book explains the IoT revolution as well as its implications for mobile and…

End Citizens United Comes up With Cash From Voters

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Even though there are several political personalities that stand on the side of big money in campaigning policies, four names in particular deserve attention as they pertain to the state of California. These state representatives are said to be in vulnerable positions according to the analysis of certain minds with their eyes on upcoming election…

George Soros Has Billions Advocating For Societies That Are ‘Open’ and ‘Civil’

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George Soros established his Open Society Foundations in 1993, and to date, this multifaceted organization has expended some $11 billion in pursuit of its various goals. Those goals can be categorized under the umbrella description of “advocating for civil societies.” Open Society groups have worked toward eliminating political oppression, bringing balance to countries with entrenched…

Roc Nation Chief Operating Officer Desiree Perez makes Billboard’s Top Women Music Executives in 2017

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Billboard magazine recently released a retroactive and prolific look at some of the most powerful women executives in the music industry in 2017. The list included a variety of women who have established their place in a industry known for being dominated by men, as well as their views on what has made them successful,…

Equities First Holdings Limited (London)

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This article is an overview of Equities First Holdings Limited (London). The company is based in London and was originally known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited who was bought out by Equities First Holdings Limited at around September 5, 2014. Since the company was bought out they have gone on to do an greater amount…

Life Line Screening Urges Early Detection

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They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of remorse. And, they also say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Now, these little truisms may have little to no comfort for those who are already sitting in a hospital bed wondering what went wrong last night when their left…

Clay Siegall: A Man On A Mission in The Fight Against Cancer

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Cancer research has produced some amazing results in the fight against cancer. Some of the most promising drugs have been introduced in only the past two decades. The industry is buzzing with new reports, and these reports have some amazing news. England’s Chief Medical Officer has reported that small defects in DNA can possibly lead…

Coffee Can Lead To a Longer Lifespan, Says Study

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Countless studies come out every year citing either risks or benefits related to drinking coffee and health. The most recent studies show that coffee drinkers show less risk of death by a wide variety of illnesses. What’s more, the benefits are seen across all races of the population. Drinking coffee has always been a popular…

Greg Secker Teaches Good Techniques

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Greg Secker is more than just a professional whose career spans over years and includes critically-key maneuvers and decisions such as education and inspiration. The simple fact is to do what he does, which turns out to be running his business from home, you have to be using your head for more than a hat…

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