Month: October 2017

IDLife – A Partner in Good Health?

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As our knowledge of serious diseases grows, an increasing number of people are striving to maintain their overall health and wellness. There are multiple products on the market today designed to support the efforts of these individuals. But not all of them deliver what they promise. There is one company, called IDLife, that wants to…

Rodrigo Terpin: the Brazilian Trail-Blazer in Rally Championship

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Before most rally drivers join this dreaded sport, they are always aware of the risk and dangers that lurk through their careers. Then again, their case is always different as most of them can confirm that it takes an inborn courage to make a move and to go a few test races, in case you…

Julia Jackson Path To The Wines Industry

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Julia Jackson ‘10, the proprietor at Jackson Family Wines and alumni of Scripps College with a bachelor’s degree in art, can be termed as a figure to emulate in the wines production industry. Her mom and dad, Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke respectively, have been an excellent source of motivation ever since she was a…

The Streamlining Of Bilateral Relationship between Israel And UK Under Daniel Taub

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Daniel Taub was born in the Great Britain in 1962. He studied at the University College in Oxford after which he attended the University College in London, then finally graduated from Harvard University school of government. During his time in the university, Daniel spent his time getting himself conversant with geopolitics, something that has proved…

Jason Hope Revelations on Internet of Things

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Jason Hope perceives technology as the future mainstream platform in business industry. Hope dedications and work intensify desire and understanding of technology. He has been recognized as a great futurist because of his ability to analyze trends in businesses and being able to foresee about the yet to come technology on industries. Besides, Jason is…

How Mr. George Soros Made and Manages His Billions Worth of Investment Fortune

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Whenever the name George Soros comes up, the next thing that comes to mind is his undeniably huge net worth. But what most people don’t have a clue about is that he wasn’t born like that. Mr. Soros, born Gyorgy Schwartz, was born August 12, 1930, in Budapest, Hungary before moving to America in 1947…

Highland Capital: Choosing A Highly Reputable Investment Advisory Firm

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Are you looking for an investment or financial advisory expert to guide you? Do you want to enlist the services of a renowned investment and wealth advisory firm? Expert advice is available if you know where to look. Highland Capital is a well-known advisory firm that specializes in financial planning, investing and wealth building. The…

Adam Milstein Journey to Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor

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Adam Milstein is a very famous philanthropist, community leader, and real estate, guru. He is from Israel and has served in very many positions. He was there during the times of people like Yom Kippur War. He graduated from Technion in the year 1978. Upon arriving in the United States in the year 1981, he…

How Julia Jackson Came To Operate Jackson Family Wines

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Julie Jackson is a younger woman who is the proprietor of her family-owned company, Jackson Family Wines. This company, which was established by her parents, is located in Geyersville, California and offers a wide range of wines grown in Sonoma Valley as well as other locations throughout the world. She has a degree in studio…

Changing the Way Dentist Practice

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Founded in 2007, MB2 has been altering the way that dentists and owners conduct practices. From its conception, Dr. Villanueva set out to build a company that helps dentists focus on providing excellent care to patients rather than focusing on the business aspects of a practice. Since the company’s founding, MB2 has experienced an incredible…

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