Month: March 2017

Making SEM Easier Can Be Done With White Shark Media

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Using Google AdWords or Bing Ads are only a couple ways to get your business name out there beyond other means like SEO and social media marketing, but they can still be highly effective and important to use. You might wonder why pay for PPC ads or other SEM engines when you have organic SEO?…

Eric Lefkofsky: A Man of Action

Posted by in CEO Proflies, Economic Future

Eric Lefkofsky, an entrepreneur from Chicago, is truly a man of action. Little in Lefkofsky’s path has not been touched by either his keen sense of business or his philanthropic endeavors. Over the years, Lefkofsky has founded or co-founded technology start-ups such as Tempus, Lightbank, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and Inner Workings. These…

The Impact of Globalization On Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation

Posted by in Activism, Human Rights

Globalization is a term that economists like to throw around. They get on all the television news networks to espouse the benefits of trade deals. These trade deals allow countries to import and sell goods here in the United States without paying an import tax, otherwise known as a tariff. In the end, this allows…

Battle Fighter Eric Lefkofsky

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Eric Paul Lefkofsky was born in September, 1969 and may be best known as the co-founder and chairman of Tempus. But there is so much more to his story! Educated at the University of Michigan, where he obtained both his bachelor’s degree plus his juris doctor, his estimated net worth exceeds $1.7 billion. While at…

Choosing An Online Reputation Management Company

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Reputation control is a critical service that all establishments should consider. The increasing popularity of social networking sites and discussion forums has made it easy for any person to post whatever information they want on the Internet. Negative remarks derogatory reviews from malicious competitors or irate customers can have adverse effect on an organization’s reputation…

Adam Milstein: The Man Behind Hager Pacific

Posted by in Business Expert, Businessman

Adam Milstein is an Israel native who moved to the United States to pursue the American dream. Born to Eva and Hillel Milshtein, Adam has a very diverse background. His parents immigrated from Mexico and Argentina when they were young. His father served as a combat sailor in Israel’s independence war. When the war ended,…

Equities First Holdings Sees Growing Demand for Stock Loans

Posted by in Economic Future, Investment Firms

Equities First Holdings’ Al Christy Jr. watches attentively on how the various stocks he holds as collateral performs. Not that he is a loan shark, but a stock lender with a great vision. The uncommon premise is the market investors who require quick funding transferring of shares.Equities First Holdings lends its customers to even 80…


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